The Forncett Finish

The Forncett Finish

We have recently completed the second stage of our landscape overhaul in Forncett. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Landscape overhaul – Forncett part 2

To finish the preparation of the landscape overhaul in Forncett, our team had to prepare the driveway area. We ensured that the foundation was compact and dense, providing a good base for the driveway. Our customer wanted a tar and shingle driveway. To start this we sprayed hot tar over the foundation and laid shingle on top. Once laid this was rolled over, to ensure that this is embedded in before setting. To finish the driveway we installed a set of five bar entrance gates at the start of the driveway.

Next we moved onto completing the patio area. The customer wanted a contrast of using Buff sawn sandstone steps and a Charcoal limestone patio area around the house. As we had already laid the foundation for the patio area, on the second half of the installation we just had to lay the slabs. The slabs were then decorated with some natural stones around parts of the perimeter. This allowed the patio area to be framed and allowed it to “pop” with colour.

To finish the landscaping overhaul, we completed the installation of the natural pond area. Once we had completed laying the base, we laid a liner over this. Once laid we then filled up the pond with water, ready to be used by our customers.

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