Simons Landscaping February update

Simons Landscaping February update

Here at Simons landscaping we have been very busy throughout February. We have completed a lot of different landscaping projects for our customers and these include: Fencing, driveways, patios, walling, installing gates and turfing. Below you will be able to see two key projects that we have completed this month.

Raveena Sandstone – Great Hockham 

We were called to do a garden renovation at Great Hockham in Norfolk. To start this job we removed all of the old brick weave patio, grass / soil and removed from site. Next we installed a crushed concrete base for the patio; this gave the area a firm foundation in which to lay the patio area on.

The joints of the Raveena patio area were then pointed with a three in one grey cement mix. This fills in the gaps between the slabs allowing for a seamless finish across the patio area. Once all joints had been pointed, we then washed the down the patio area to ensure it was clean and ready for our customer.

Overall this was another clean install from the Simons Landscaping team. The job was finished in a timely manor and the customer was left with a clean and tidy site, and with a brand new Raveena patio area.

Landscaping overhaul – Stalham Norfolk

The next big job that we have been working on this month was a landscaping overhaul at Stalham in Norfolk. The customer required a full transformation on the front driveway and rear garden area. To start the job we removed all of the old hedging, driveway, fencing, lawn, walling, plants and trees. This had then left our team a blank canvas to work on.

 We started the project by installing a new patio area in the rear of the garden. This consisted of laying new foundations for the patio area. Ensuring the foundations are firm, we then installed the Grey Indian Sandstone patio area. To compliment this, the customer needed the the Grey Indian sandstone paving slabs down the side of the property to create a pathway. This was framed with Charcoal block edgings to help the pathway stand out. One final touch was to install the same paving slabs at the front of the property, this would lead from the driveway to the front door.

Next we looked to install the new driveway area. Once the old driveway had been removed, we then laid a lean mix concrete base; this was to give the driveway lasting strength over it’s lifetime. Once laid our team then installed a 50mm sharp sand screed with Burnt Amber block weave Chelsea sets. Charcoal block edgings were then laid around the perimeter of the driveway. This was done to help frame the Burnt Amber Chelsea sets; making it more appealing to the eye.

To complete the landscape overhaul, we then installed half round rail fencing along the front of the property. This gives security to the front of the household, whilst being able to show off the new landscaping areas. Finally we installed two 5 bar entrance gates on the driveway. For the rest of the garden, we laid landscape soil with freshly cut good quality rolled lawn turf.

If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please make an enquiry through our email: [email protected] or give us a call on: 01508 470674.