Seeding Works | Norwich

Levelling, Rotavating & Seeding

We were recently called by our customer to come and seed a large landscape area. Upon review it was clear that the whole site needed to be cleared, levelled, rotavated and then seeded. With site visit, quote issued a start date was agreed.

To start the works we hired out a caterpillar bulldozer to come in and level the site. This is key to ensure the sub levels have been arranged and will provide a good base for the soil and grass seed. The next stage of the seeding works was was to provide the top level of soil. To do this our team then imported 1000 tons of top quality top soil onto the site.

Once all soil had been imported onto the site, we had to used small excavators to prepare the edges of the soil. We used rotavator equipment to prepare the soil area to get a good tilth and seed bed area. To finish the seeding project we used a seeder to drill the seed into the top layer of the top soil. With the perfect weather setting the seeds has started growth only two weeks on and will come to life after four weeks.

If you would like to see more of our turfing and seeding works you can visit our Turfing & Seeding section of our website here. Alternatively you can email the office at [email protected] or call us on 01508 470 674.