Renovation of Tarmac Driveway | Norwich

Renovation of Tarmac Driveway

Here at Simons Landscaping our customer called us up to come and quote to resurface of their current driveway. The current driveway was around 40 years old and compromised of tarmac and shingle; which was falling apart and breaking away. Once happy and our estimate was accepted we scheduled the works in.

We started works on the driveway by installing decorative edging between the driveway and turf area. Once fully installed our team started prepping the old driveway ready for the resurface. The next stage of the works was to install three soakaways and gullies to catch the surface water. To complete the final prep work for the driveway, our team replaced old man hole covers and replaced them with new galvanised frames and covers.

The final part of the tarmac driveway renovation was to work on the tarmac itself. We started this part by thoroughly cleaning the old tarmac drive; this is to ensure a clean and smooth surface to apply the new tarmac layer. Once the driveway was clean, our team the applied an emulsion TACK coat to the surface; this allows the new tarmac to bond with the old tarmac surface. Next our team hand laid 6mm stone mastic asphalt at 40mm thick across the whole surface. Finally we laid silver decorative stone across the whole driveway, this was then rolled into the newly laid tarmac.

If you would like to know more about our tarmac and surfacing services; then please visit our surfaceing page here, you can also make an enquiry through our email: [email protected] or give us a call on: 01508 470674.