Pond Restoration | Norfolk

Pond Restoration

We constructed the customers pond 28 year ago. We received a call to come and do some maintenance on the pond. Over the past 28 years the pond has had a build up of silt and sludge at the bottom. The silt and sludge was taking up around 40% of the ponds water space, leaving no room for pond life or plantation.

To start the job we had to pump out all of the water into neighbouring ditches. This then allowed us to use diggers and machinery to carry out the removal of all the silt and sludge at the bottom of the pond. Due to the size of the pond area, we hired in excavators and dumper trucks to speed up the process of removal.

We repaired the side retaining walls around the pond area. This was done to ensure the pond has a new lease of life and will last for another 28 years. Once all of the repair works had been made. we then filled the pond back up with water. In addition we also created a stone retaining wall and bridge over the pond,

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