Landscaping Overhaul | Old Buckenham

Landscaping Overhaul

We were called in to do a Landscaping overhaul for a new customer in Old Buckenham. The current area was bare due to the property being recently developed. To start the overhaul, we prepared the ground works ready for a new Fossil Mint paving area. As the foundation works had been completed, we then laid the Fossil Mint paving slabs. This include a main patio area and a walk way around the perimeter of the property.

The landscaping project also required renovation to a pond and to incorporate the pond into the design. To start the old pond was removed and we dug deeper in the ground to add more depth. We also added marginal planting shelves to add an extra layer for the pond and to be able to add planting. Finishing the pond area, the pond was linted with a butyl liner and filled in with water.

Stone areas

Once all of the patio work had been completed, we then got started on the shingle landscaping. We stated by laying Sunrise Chelsea set edgings, this gave clear definition between the shingle beds and shingle driveway. After the edgings were laid, we then laid down 20mm natural stone over the whole driveway area. To fill in the remaining areas we used 10 Golden pea shingle on the beds around the patio. This helped give definition and a clear distinction between the driveway and the property.

Another landscaping job completed and another happy customer. If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please make an enquiry through our email: [email protected] or give us a call on: 01508 470674.