Landscaping Case Study | Norwich

Contemporary patio area

The garden area was in need of attention as it was an old, tired and overgrown. To start the job we dug off the weeds and the soil for the whole area and removed from site. Once removed from site, we then reduced the levels of the area to create a terraced effect.

Crushed hardcore was used as the foundation for the whole patio area. Channel drains were installed at the bottom of the garden area. The drains will catch the water and pipe it off to surface water drains. With a firm foundation laid, we then completed the top terrace. This was done by installing reclaimed sleepers along the edge of the patio area; which gave a flat edge. The Black Limestone paving slabs were then laid on top and pointed with white mortar. The bricking from the neighbouring garage was screened with tanalised 50mm strips of timber. This will eventually tone down to a grey effect, gave the walling a much more modern appearance and will allow it to blend into the scenery.

Next we worked on the lower terrace area. We started by installing the Black Limestone paving slabs on top of the hardcore foundation. These were laid out, leaving room for the cobble beds. Once these had been laid, we then worked on the new steps down onto the paving area. All of the paving slabs were filled in with a White mortar mix; giving a clear contrast between the Black slabs and White mortar.

To finish the project we laid the bedded area with a weed membrane, this will stop future weeds growing through. Once down we dressed the area with 50mm Blue Ice cobbles; completing the contemporary looking paving area.

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