Grey”t” Landscape Renovation | Aylsham

Here at Simons Landscaping we were called to complete a major landscape renovation over at Aylsham in Norfolk. The landscape renovation consists with a lot of hard landscaping: patio area, paths, retaining beds and a driveway.

To start the landscape renovation our team had to clear out all of the old leylandii hedges. We used our grab lorry to ensure a quick and easy removal. Next our team then imported crushed hardcore to raise the levels of the front area and this will give a good foundation to build upon. Once all hedging had been removed and foundations laid, we then installed weathered horizontal fencing. Finally our team then installed an upright sleeper retaining wall to hold back the soil and edge the driveway.

The next part of the landscape renovation was to complete the 1.2m pathway around the two sides and rear of the property. This was competed with 600×600 grey domestic slabs on a concrete bed. To finish dressing the rest of the beds around the pathway, our team placed weed terram matting on top of the soil ready for the chippings.. Finally we then laid 14mm grey granite chippings to complete the decorative look. The last job to complete around the edges of the property was to build a raised concrete block retaining flower bed; which was rendered with sand and cement.

Moving onto the the back of the property, our team started to lay the main patio area. This was constructed with 600×600 grey porcelain slabs. We left a 5 – 6mm joint in between each slab, this allowed our team to fill with a black silicon easy jointing grout to finish the surface.

The final part of the landscaping renovation was to start laying the driveway. As we had already laid the foundation at the start of the job, our team was able go straight into laying the stone mastic asphalt. Stone mastic asphalt was laid, raked and then rolled over. This was done to ensure an even spread of the stone mastic asphalt and compacted. Our team then used a petrol compacter over the area to ensure that the asphalt was tight and dense.

Overall the whole landscape renovation took three weeks to complete, starting at the end of December and finishing in the second week of January. The whole look of the renovation is very contemporary and fits in nicely with the ascetics of the property.

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