Garden Landscape Overhaul

Amazing Garden Landscape Overhaul

We were recently called by our customer to come and do a site visit at their property. The customer needed a complete landscaping overhaul from the front driveway to the rear garden area. With the estimate accepted, we scheduled the job in and got under way.

To start the works the first port of call was to clear out the old garden area and remove from site. We did this by using a mini digger to clear off the old turf and clear down the soil ready to start the decking. Once this was all dug down, our team then installed wooden 150x50mm joists as a base. Finally our team then installed the composite decking on top of the joists.

Composite decking has a lot of benefits in comparison to the traditional wooden decking. The first benefit of composite decking is a safety feature; as it is non slip. Composite decking is also maintenance friendly, as the decking doesn’t lose any colour over its lifetime and does not rot over time. Finally the last benefit of composite decking is that it doesn’t splinter or crack, which means is doesn’t need to be treated or repaired as quickly.

The next stage of the landscape overhaul was to install the new picket fencing. Our team had to dig out the holes for the new fencing posts and cement in the posts. Next we install the picket fencing around the site. After this was completed our team then laid the new lawn turf for the whole garden area.

The final stage of the project was to install the new driveway area. To do this our team had to scrape off the old warn out driveway. We then installed new hardcore base to create a long lasting foundation. Next we sprayed hot tar on top of the concrete based and this was topped with 10mm shingle. Finally this was followed up with a roller over the shingle to ensure this was stuck to the hot tar.

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