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Amazing Artificial Lawn

We were recently called by our customer to come and look at their rear lawn. It was looking very tired and our customers wanted a maintenance free solution. Artificial grass is becoming more popular now due the advancements in the quality and we decided this would be the best option to go for.

Before artificial grass - Thorpe, Norwich

To start the job our team had to dig off the grass and soil; we dug down by around 100mm to allow plenty of depth for the base of the new lawn. All of these arisings were cleared from site before our team were able to proceed.The next stage of the job was to lay the terram matting, the matting is used to prevent the growth of weeds. Next our team then laid a type 1 granite base for a strong foundation, the type 1 granite base is also permeable which allows the surface water to drain through from the grass.

Type 1 granite base laid - Thorpe, Norwich

Type 1 granite base laid – Thorpe, Norwich

Once all preparations have been completed our team then created a frame for the artificial lawn. This was made out of treated wood and this will also give fixing points for the artificial grass. Then our team then laid sharp sand at a depth of 25 mm; this was screeded for a level surface. The final stage of the job was to lay the artificial grass across the whole area. This was then fixed to the edges of the wooden frame. All joins are then tapped and siliconed together, this ensures a neat and tidy finish to the lawn.

Laid artificial grass - Thorpe, Norwich

Laid artificial grass – Thorpe, Norwich

If you would like to see more of our artificial lawn or other turfing and lawn services, then you can visit our turfing and lawn page here. Alternatively you can email the office at [email protected] or call us on 01508 470 674.