We have had the pleasure in working at this lovely, converted barn in Tunstead where a full range of landscaping works were required. Seeding – Fencing – Carparking – Drives – Tar and shingle surfacing to transform the area to a beautiful welcoming habitat.

With a mixture of skilled tradesman that Simons Landscaping have put together we have carried out all the ground works to prepare the drainage for the surface water and down pipes, soil levelling, tilling, and seeding works, setting out the levels to create parking, driveways and roads.

We have installed a mixture of fencing which include post and rail, and oak horizontal screening which now blends in with the landscape.

To finish off we have surfaced all the areas with a traditional look Hot Tar and shingle dressing which now looks amazing and gives the design a new appearance.

Now the seasons have passed we have good growth of the grass which finishes the project off. The whole project has been put together by ourselves with no hold ups for a swift completion.

If you are reading this and are looking for a similar project to be undertaken, please get in touch for Paul to look and take on the project. “One call does all.”