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Landscaping Masterpiece

We were called by our customer to undertake a full landscaping renovation at their property in Newton Flotman. With a full overhaul our customer wanted their old area to be transformed into a landscaping masterpiece. To achieve this our team got to work stripping the whole area back to basics.

To create the perfect canvas for our team to work on, our first major job was to clear the area back to basics. This included clearing old trees, rocks and even an old swimming pool. All of this was excavated and removed from site to create a clear working area.

We used earth moving equipment to spread all of the soil over the land to create an even spread. This levelled out many holes and also gives the soil a chance to dry out. The next job was to sub soil the whole area, this was done to break the soil down further and create drainage. This is important to prevent water build up across the whole garden area and will also prevent marsh build up. Once this job was completed our team left soil for two weeks to dry out further to ensure it is fully ready for the next stage. Once the soil area was completely dry, our team power harrowed the soil down to a fine tilth. This is required to to break up any large clods of soil to ensure there are no large lumps in any of the area. After all the soil preparations had been completed out team got to work seeding the whole area.

As all of the soil areas had been completed our team got to work on preparing the whole driveway area for our customer. This started with installing the block edging around the whole perimeter of the driveway. Once these have been installed our team started to install the driveway foundation ready for us to surface. Our customer also had a request for a well to be installed next to their property to add more character to the landscaping piece. The final area to complete preparation in was the entranceway of the driveway. Our team safely coned off the appropriate area to create a safe working space and we got to work preparing the entranceway. To help assist with the longevity of the driveway our team renovated and increased the height of the brick entrance piers. To finish this part of the driveway we will be installing new electric gates for our customer to use and give them the ease of access of their new driveway

After all of the foundations had been finished our team was able to start the surfacing works of the project. Our customer went for the tar and shingle surfacing option for their driveway, this provides a stunning stone finish without the sweeping maintenance as the stones are rolled into hot tar. Using the latest machinery our team was able to surface the whole area, spraying hot tar onto the base and then following up with loose shingle which is then rolled in. We also installed a complete tarmac washdown bay for our customer round the side of their property.


Another job well done for the Simons Landscaping team. If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please make an enquiry through our email: [email protected] or give us a call on: 01508 470674.