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Turfing Transformation

We had previously built a beautiful driveway at a new built farm house for a customer; they enjoyed it so much and asked for advice for their lawn. Our customer had a blank canvas for our team to work with, being a new build with plenty of space.  The current lawn was filled with heavy soil and clay which causes issues by retaining water and creating a marshy land.

We used earth moving equipment to spread all of the soil over the land to create an even spread. This levelled out many holes and also gives the soil a chance to dry out. After being moved our team left the soil for 6 weeks

The next job was to sub soil the whole area, this was done to break the soil down further and create drainage. This is important to prevent water build up across the whole garden area and will also prevent marsh build up. Once this job was completed our team left soil for two weeks to dry out further to ensure it is fully ready for the next stage.

Once the soil area was completely dry, our team power harrowed the soil down to a fine tilth. This is required to to break up any large clods of soil to ensure there are no large lumps in any of the areas. Due to the quality of the soil on site, our team imported in excess of 300 tons of landscaping soil to the whole area. This was carefully levelled to an average of 60mm over the whole garden.

Over a course of four site visits, our team laid over 3000 m2 good quality lawn turf. Due to the perfect time of the year with the hot humidity and rain the turf settled in nicely and was even ready to cut within a week! Whilst on site our team also instead disable access gravel pathways for our customer to use to be able to enjoy their beautiful landscaped area.

Another job well done for the Simons Landscaping team. If you would like to know more about our turfing and lawn services, then please make an enquiry through our email: [email protected] or give us a call on: 01508 470674.