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February Update

February is a great time to get your gardens and driveways ready for the year ahead. Over the last month our team has been incredibly busy and safe at work, starting and completing a range of jobs over Norwich, Norfolk. The jobs we have completed include: Fencing, new driveways, paths, patios and more!

Landscape Overhaul

One of our clients was in need of a complete landscape overhaul at their property. This included: new driveway, new patio area, new pathways and more. The old patio area was outdated, derelict and in needed of a complete update.

The patio style that our customer decided to go for was the Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone slabs. The Kandla Grey patio slabs have been very popular over the last year, they are a modern colour, will suit most properties and the look that they are trying to achieve. Our customer required two different patio areas for their garden, with the second area aiding as a sun hot spot for them to enjoy in the summer. These are connected by a pathway of matching Kandla Grey slabs.

The final area that needed addressing for our customer was their driveway. The old driveway was in a similar state to the garden area, being old, warn out and in need of an update. Our customer decided to go for a low maintenance driveway option of which was extremely functional. The decision was made to go for a tarmac driveway with decorative stone rolled in. This will provide a strong driveway with a colourful addition of stone that will last for our customer for many years to come.

Another successful month for the Simons Landscaping team. If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please email the office at [email protected] or call us on 01508 470 674.