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January Update

New year means new jobs for our Simons Landscaping team. Over the last four weeks our teams have been busy starting and completing a range of jobs over Norwich, Norfolk. The jobs we have completed include: Fencing, Walling, Planting, Asphalting and more!


The last four weeks our team have completed two different turfing jobs, both with similarities for completion! We had to remove old turf and top soil from the garden area, with additional top soil being added to level out the garden areas. Once prepared our team laid fresh lawn turf and recommend it being watered regularly to grow.


We have completed two different surfacing works over the last month, one is a new driveway for a customer in Norwich and the other was a commercial entrance to a warehouse. The commercial entrance required our team to use a tack coat on top of a concrete base to allow the tarmac to stick. Next our team used a total of 70mm of tarmac covering the base and top, of which was racked over and rolled to a smooth finish.


Starting the new year of right with some new plantings for one of our customers. Our customer required raised sleeper beds with hedging planted in them. The beds were created and we used top soil to fill, to finish our team planted a row of Laurel hedging to give our customer privacy in the future.


In typical Simons Landscaping fashion we have installed fencing on several of our jobs this year. Our customers went for the standard style of Close board fencing on concrete gravel boards and posts. We even included a pedestrian entrance gate on one of our jobs, which blends in with the new fencing.


We are currently creating a new entranceway for a customers driveway. The brick pillars were created to hold an entrance gate, which will be installed at a later date. The entrance pillars also have blue engineering bricks on top, also using tile creasing for a decorative finish.


A pond rejuvenation for our customer in Norwich, giving the pond a new lease of life and many years ahead. We started by pumping the water out of the pond, this allows our team to desilt and remove the sludge from the base. Next we dug into the banks to remove reeds and roots, allowing us to also reshape the pond to its natural surroundings. Over the next coming months the pond will fill up with rain water, ready to be enjoyed again.

Overall it has been a great start to the year with the Simons Landscaping team and all of our customers. If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please email the office at [email protected] or call us on 01508 470 674.