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Pond Rejuvenation

In the village of Sutton, Staithe there was a pond that was constructed in the 1970’s by local villagers. Over the last 40 years the pond has had a build up of silt and sludge at the bottom. The silt and sludge was taking up around 40% of the ponds water space, leaving no room for pond life or plantation.

To start the job we had to pump out all of the water to allow our team access to clean the bottom of the pond. Once all of the water had been pumped out, our team started the removal of all the silt and sludge at the bottom of the pond. This leaves the original base and shape of the pond to work with and allows our team to carry on the rejuvenation from there.

Due to the age and wear & tear of the pond over the last 40 years, pond walling needed to be created to give the pond strength. Our team restructured the sides of the pond using concrete and sand bags. The old brick and flint walls around the pond were also repaired using flint, sandbags and cement. To finish of the walling process, our team strengthened the back of the sandbag walls with additional concrete for extra strength.

With the pond rejuvenation process finished, our team got to work on finishing off the surrounding area. We topped up the top soil and laid new turf around the front of the pond. Our team also installedĀ  bollards around the pond, to ensure no vehicles will have access to the pond. The final job is now to wait for the pond to fill with rain water and to give the village of Sutton a pleasant sight to look at.

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