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Tar and shingle driveway - Norfolk

Special November Update

Over the last six weeks all of our teams have been very busy finishing a range of works over Norfolk. We have completed various works utilising all of our in house skills and tools: Patio, Fencing, Planting, Driveways, Restoration and many more!

Our teams have been using an array of all of their skill sets to complete all works to a high standard. Over the last forty years, our well trained team has honed their craft to create beautiful landscaping displays for our clients. We have completed a range of surfacing works which include a Tarmac roadway, Tar and shingle Driveway and a Cortado resin driveway. All of our surfacing works are durable and long lasting; which will provide a great asset for our customers.

Finally our teams have also completed a mixed patio comprising of Modak and Rippon; fused together creates a unique patio four our customer. We also completed a porcelain patio area, this provides a smooth finished look for our client. The last job we completed was a complete turfing and fencing perimeter works in Norwich. All of our turfing that was laid is good quality and the fencing is treated to last!

40 years experience!

November marks Simons Landscaping’s 40th anniversary! Hazel and Simon started Simons Landscaping 40 years ago working from a single van to building up to our landscaping fleet we have today. Over the last 40 years Simons Landscaping has grown with the addition of Simon’s sons: Paul, Stuart and Andrew all joining the team and Paul taking over the reigns of the company over the last few years. All of the core values that was established with the company (Respect, Customer Value, Appreciation and Hard work) are still at the forefront of every job we complete today.

If you would like to know more about our landscaping services, then please email the office at [email protected] or call us on 01508 470 674.