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Natural Grey Pebble Stone driveway 2 - Norwich, Norfolk

Grey Landscaping Experience | North Norfolk

We were called by our customer to come and create the missing link from their property to the side doors, entrance gates and out buildings. There was also a discussion to help tidy up the area, tying in with the modern look. To start the works our team had to come in and reduce the hedging; in which was shredded down. All of these arisings, builders waste and piles of soil were then removed from site.

The second stage of the project for our customer was to prepare the ground for future outlets. Allowing our client to remain future proofed, our team got to work on digging out utility trenches. These ran from the main property to the out buidlings.

Hard Landscaping

Moving onto the patio area, our team got to work on preparing the foundations. Our team dug out all of the old soil and ground, then we got to work on laying the type 1 granite base for the foundation. Once the foundation had been laid and set, our team started laying the Grey Indian sandstone patio area. This provided walkways to side entrance doors, out buildings and to the entrance gates.

The final area of the project was the driveway. Before our team started work on the driveway, we installed grey flattop edgings around the perimeter of the driveway as a frame. Once completed the driveway was then built up from a new hardcore base on Terram matting; in which was thoroughly compacted. Finallay the last part of the driveway was the natural stone. For the drive we sourced a natural grey pebble stone for the whole drive surface. This was a great compliment to the new grey patio area and grey edgings

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