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Completed landscaping area

New landscape design & implementation

Here at Simons Landscaping we have recently completed our project of the year for 2019. We started this project by having meetings with our client and constructing a complete landscape redesign for them. Once we have confirmation that they were happy, our team got to work. The project was commenced in July 2019 and was completed in December.

The property was situated on an old sand quarry, which required our team to export all of the old sand and remove from site. We then imported 600 tons of graded landscaping soil to be used for the whole project; this was stored on the top tire terrace for when it was needed.

Back garden area

The first part of the project that our team got to work with was the back garden area. Starting this area we installed close board fencing on concrete posts & gravel boards down the side of the garden. This was done for privacy and security for the property. The other type of fencing our team installed was rabbit netting fencing, due to the back garden area backing onto a woodland. This will reduce any unwanted pests and animals getting into the new garden areas.

Our team started the back garden area by laying landscaping soil at 150mm thick over the back garden area. This created the perfect foundation for our team to lay good quality lawn turf straight away. We looked to form raised vegetable beds out of reclaimed railway sleepers. To compliment the vegetable beds and to provide access, we also installed a shingle pathway areas.

Construction of terraced beds and steps

Once the back garden area had been completed, our team got to work starting to install the terraced walling areas. This was started by installing concrete footings read for the retaining walls; which was done to provide strength and foundation. Each terrace was constructed one at a time, all with their own footings and foundations. The terrace’s were also all back and infilled for additional strength.

When the top terrace had been completed, our team then looked to install the sunken seated area. The seating area was dug out to allow the team to create the seats and walls out of railway sleepers. Soil was the levelled around the seating area down to the sleeper level. Finally to finish our team laid fresh lawn turf to the top area.

The final stage of the terraced wall areas was to render all of the walls up the terrace, which was completed to give a clean look. The finish this part of the install, top soil was then infilled in all of the levels of the terraced walls, ready for planting. With the top level being infilled by our grab lorry. To finish the detailing of the terraced and seating areas, our team laid golden stone resin up the stepped areas. This was also replicated around the sunken seating area. All planting areas were then barked over and plants had been planted into the soil ready for the summer.

Driveway and sporting areas

The final stages of the project was to complete the patio, driveway and sporting areas at the property. A grey porcelain patio area was laid around the perimeter of the property. This was then finished off with a black metal trim for additional detail.

The next phase of the project was to complete the sporting areas at the property. The astroturf area was the first part to be completed. This was laid at the base of the terrace ready for action. To compliment this, a basket ball area was also laid opposite the football area. The basketball area was created from tarmac with golden fleck rolled in for extra detail.

The cherry on the top of this project was the tar and shingle driveway. Our team came in and sprayed hot tar around the remaining area of the driveway. This was followed up by golden shingle being laid onto the hot tar and rolled into place. This creates a stunning shingle driveway, without the maintenance of a shingle driveway

Overall a job well done for the Simons Landscaping team, with the project allowing us to demonstrate and utilise all of our skills. We have left the site clean and tidy and have one very pleased client.

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