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Diamond trellance fence panels and gate - Weybread, Norfolk

Weybread Landscaping Renovation

We were called by our customer in Weybread, Norfolk to come and offer a complete landscaping renovation for them. This will be a two part project, with part one covering the perimeter fencing, clearing the ground and plating grass seed. Part two will cover the hard landscapes of the patio areal, intermediate fencing and a new driveway.

To start the job our team used diggers to clear the site and reduce the ground levels. This was done to stage the garden ready for terracing. We also used a digger to remove all roots and rubble to get the area back to the bare soil. Our team then installed reclaimed railway sleepers to create a retaining wall for the earth and finishes the terrace. Next part of the job was for our team to install closeboard fencing around the perimeter of the property, which helps create security for our customer. Finally to complete stage one, our team then seeded the earth with new grass seed in which will grow through in a few months.

Stage Two

Our team then returned later in the year to check the lawn growth progress and to start stage two of the project. To start stage one our team had to scrape of all of the old hardcore from the patio and driveway area. Once this had been done, our team then installed new foundations and bases for both the patio and driveway areas.

Continuing on the project our team got to work on installing the patio area. The customer had decided to go for Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone slabs. This helped to create a contrast of the grey frames for the windows and red bricks. Next out team installed the diamond trellace fence panels and gate. This created the divide from the front driveway area and patio.

Finally to complete the final part of the project, our team got to work on the driveway area. Once the foundations had been completed, our team then sprayed hot tar over the hole area. Next we laid golden pea shingle on top of the hot tar and finally this was rolled in. This creates the appearance of a golden shingle driveway, without the maintenance of clearing lose shingle.

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