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Burnt Amber brickweave driveway with Charcoal edging 2 - Swainsthorpe, Norwich

Burnt Amber Brickweave Driveway

Here at Simons Landscaping we have just completed a landscaping update over at Swainsthorpe, Norwich. Our customer had called us in to come and quote on front and rear landscaping for their property. Once we had gone through their options, we decided a brickweave drive would be best.

Rear garden

We started this project with the potting slabbed area. To start we cleared and dug out the area for the potting area. Next we laid a hardcore foundation to create a sturdy base for the potting area. Finally we laid the 600×600 buff slabs to be used for a potting area.

The next part of the project was to construct the patio area. To start the patio area our team had to remove the old stones and turf area previously in the garden. We then laid the foundation of crushed hardcore for the base of the patio. Next our team laid the Modak Indian Sandstone patio area to complete the landscaping at the rear of the property.

Landscaping of front area

The major part of the landscape for the project was the driveway area. Previously our clients had a combination of tarmac and turf for the front garden area. Our team went in and dug all of this up, allowing for the driveway to be extended. Next our team laid a type 1 granite base 200mm below the finished drive level. We then created an aqua soak away hole for the soak away to be installed in. Then we laid the new Burnt Amber brickweave driveway, which was then framed with Charcoal brick edging. Finally channel drains were installed to drain away surface water from the drive and into the aqua soak away.

Finally to finish of the landscaping project for our customer, we installed the finishing touches. We installed the side pedestrian access gate on concrete posts. To complete the works we installed matching closeboard entrance gates.

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