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Completed parking area with Chelsea set walkway

Landscaping Project at Loddon – Part 1

Simons Landscaping was called in to fulfil the landscaping requirements set out by Continental Products in Loddon. Continental Products needed us to carry out the following works: Permeable shingle parking bays, central water feature, wooden stair case, wooden chevron fencing and construction of new tarmacadden roadway. We started the works on the 1st of December and we are scheduled to finish by mid January.

We started the project by reduce level digging. This creates a level surface area needed to build a comprehensive foundation to build upon.  Next we then installed 50mm wide pin kerb edgings. These were used to partition off the parking areas and creating the outline of the walkway simultaneously. Permeable areas were built up with a clean 60mm rock bed; this was done to create drainage for the parking area. A 10mm screed was then applied to the area, this allowed us to lay plastic grids down. The grids were then backfilled with 10mm gravel, this gave a permeable stabilised shingle parking area. To link the new parking area to the highway way, we are currently creating a 4.8 meter wide roadway. The roadway will have full faced road kerb edgings each side, this to follow suite of all highway specifications required.

Walkway paths were constructed from a hard-core foundation. Using a sharp sand screed, this allowed us to have a level finish from the Chelsea set pavious; creating the perfect walkway . We then installed a focal feature point. This was formed with a circular block pave area. The centre piece was a natural stone water feature; creating a rockery area for a distinctive look. Chevron fencing was then constructed from 100mm x 100mm steel galvanised posts. Concreting the posts in the ground by 1 meter will give them enough strength to withstand the pressures expected. Cladding was then applied via wooden boarding 3 meters high; giving a more aesthetically pleasing look for the eye.

A new concrete yard area was required adjacent to the area we are working in. The concrete yard area was reinforced and created to be non slip as a key safety feature. The concrete yard will take around 2 weeks to dry, this is due to the low weather temperatures expected at this time of year. During this time we will be finishing off other areas of the project. These will include: Planting, completing all fencing, completing the highway road and hanging pedestrian and vehicle entrance gates. Watch this space for the finished job!

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