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This months update

Hard landscaping

Mr Webster of Pulham St Mary, Norwich, required our team to construct a new perimeter wall for his property.

We started this job by removing an old and dead leylandii hedging. Once the hedging had been dug up, it was removed from the site. Our team then dug in a concrete footing for the wall, this was done at 600 mm wide and 600 mm deep. The concrete footings were dug to create a solid and sturdy foundation for the wall.

Once the foundations had been placed, we started to construct the 22 Linear Meter and 225 mm wide wall. The wall was built using 4 450×450 brick piers, these were put in place to increase the strength of the wall. At a ratio of 3:1, we used a grey cement mixture.

All of the pointing was finished with a stick point style. This was done to give the wall an aged appearance. The wall was capped with tile creasing and ridge tile capping. These where used as a featured finish on the top of the wall and to keep all weathers from eroding the bricks. The project took our teams 8 days to complete.


Norwich driveway’s full potential

We were asked to come an maximise the driveway in Norwich, using all of the potential space available.

We started the next landscaping job by cutting down the hedges and trees. This was done to maximise the area of the Norwich driveway. These where then shredded down and cleared from the site. New wooden close board fencing was installed on top of concrete gravel boards. This gave privacy to the property and to retain the boundary of the Norwich driveway.

We then dug off the driveway, removing all of the lose stones and soil from the area. This was then also removed from site. We then laid a new drive base of road planning’s which was compacted. This was done to create a sturdy foundation for the new Norwich driveway. All of the soiled areas where then laid with terram weed membrane, with a dressing of decorative plum slate.

The membrane was laid to prevent any weeds coming through; ensuring low maintenance.The driveway was then edged with charcoal block pavers on a concrete bed. This was to provide a tight edge for the new driveway surface. The area of the driveway was then surfaced with a hot tar dressed 6mm golden shingle. This was rolled into the tar, giving an easy finish.


Norfolk driveway gets a transformed

We where asked by one of our customers to come and give their driveway a new life. We transformed the warn-out looking frontage, into some pleasing for the eye.

We started the works on the driveway by scrapping off all of the lose gravel and vegetation. This was then removed of site. The channel drains where then installed. These where installed to catch the surface water in between the two gate posts and in front of the two garages. The water caught in the channel drains is dispersed into a nearby ditch.

The Norfolk driveway area was then prepared with a base of road planings. This was then thoroughly compacted to give a strong and solid foundation. The entrance in front of the double garages was laid with a hot 6mm SMA tarmac. This was laid to a rolled finish. The area to the left of the parking area was laid with hot tar. It was then dressed with 6mm golden pea shingle.


Suffolk driveway is given a new life

We where called to a property in Suffolk to give a new life to a broken driveway. The driveway before had started was broken in multiple places, so we sent out our driveway specialist team.

Before we started bringing new life to the driveway, we had to dismantle the broken one. We did this by breaking up the concrete and bitmac surface of the driveway. The concrete, soil and bitmac was excavated, this was then removed from site.

Charcoal edgings where then installed on a concrete base. These where installed against the lawn edgings, distinctively showing of the edges of the new driveway. The area of the driveway was then backfield with 6″ of crushed concrete. This was then thoroughly compacted, giving a solid foundation for the new driveway area. A base course layer of 20mm dense tarmac was laid; this was laid at a thickness of 60mm thick. The surface course was then laid in a 6mm SMA tarmac. This was rolled at a 30mm finish; which was the final component in giving this driveway new life.

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