Landscaping Case Study | Taverham. Norfolk Part 1

Refurbished Garden Area

We had been contacted by our customer to look at refurbishing their garden area. The lawn was old and wart out, the patio area was too small and needed to be extended. The customer also requested that we took a look at the driveway and pathway areas as well.

The ground works for the patio needed to be competed and extended for the new patio. Next we removed the soil and grass to extend the patio area. We removed the old patio and knocked down walls to the open up the area giving more visual space. Then we prepped all of the paving area with a hardcore base, this provided a solid foundation to work on. With a solid foundation we then had to install channel drains with a new soak away; this is done to allow surface water to run off of the patio and to be drained away. Once this was completed we used Natural Raveena Indian sandstone (380m2). This was then edged with Charcoal block sets around the perimeter, this was done to help frame the patio area allowing it to stand out.

The old uneven, low levelled, worn out and moss infested lawn needed some urgent attention to ensure it’s survival. To start we used a rotavator over the complete surface of the lawn, this was done to turn the old grass into the soil and to allow for fresh soil to be placed on the top. Due to the size of the area, we imported 160 ton of landscape soil to complete the job. Once all of the levelling and prep work had been completed, we then laid 1100m2 of good quality rolled lawn turf. Fianlly we then with our motorised pedestrian roller used to roll the turf to allow for the new turf to root into the soil.

Part 1 of the job has been completed and over the next few weeks we will be completing the other half of the job: Building a garden room / summer house, building a 3 bay cart lodge for car parking and resurfacing the driveway.

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