Driveway reconstruction | Fritton

Driveway reconstruction 

We were called in to do a complete driveway reconstruction for a new customer in Fritton. The current driveway had been heavily used over the years and it was in desperate need for a reconstruction. 

To start the driveway we came onto site with our digging equipment. We dug off the old driveway surface and edgings; cleared from site once removed. Next was installing Sunset Chelsea set block edges on a concrete bed. By installing the edges first this give the new driveway its shape and a canvas for us to work with. 

Once the edgings had been completed, we then ensured that the new foundation base was level. We used hard core and a final dressing of road planings, which was compacted into a firm foundation base. When completed we then machine laid hot rolled asphalt base at 50mm to the complete surface area. Finally we dressed the area with 6mm golden pea shingle.

The entrance of the driveway was excavated out and we laid a new crushed concrete base. This give the entrance a new firm foundation for many years to come. It was then edged with granite set kerbing bedded onto concrete. Finally the area was surfaced with hot rolled asphalt and golden pre-coated stone into the surface.


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